Hiring and Retaining Successful Salespeople: OMiga Case Study

Ed Hagen and Dan Sills founded OMiga in St. Louis, Missouri, to tailor back-office support for small to medium-sized businesses. They found the company growing rapidly, requiring them to concentrate on running the business more often than selling, so they engaged Atomic Revenue to assist with hiring their inaugural salespeople. Read on to find out how they achieved incredible sales results that went beyond the scope of their original request.

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Considerations for Hiring Correctly in the Sales Organization – Part 2

Posted by Ryan Bretsch

In Part I of this article, we identified four separate "mindsets" associated with the typical salesperson. To a high degree, success in a sales role is all about three things -- the ability to build a relationship, being able to organize and execute against a defined sales process and finally being comfortable with the assigned sales mindset/role.

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How to Hire a High-Performing Salesforce

Posted by Ryan Bretsch

Being an effective sales leader with a high-performance sales team requires many skills. It most certainly requires coaching, development, sales training, leadership, and administrative skills. Depending on the level of leadership, it may also require an ability to build sales processes, handle commission and territory planning, create channel strategy, manage sales incentive planning, and more. In its totality, these disciplines comprise only 60% of what a sales leader needs to manage a sales staff with impact and results. So, what about the other 40%? Frankly, it comes down to one essential factor – hiring.
We’ll start with this truth:

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