7 Things Your Sales Compensation Plan Must Have

Posted by Ryan Bretsch

When sales figures aren’t meeting projected goals, your sales representatives’ performance is often the first thing that’s scrutinized. Though there are a multitude of well-documented reasons why selling issues may exist, hiring the right sales professionals is one of the most important remedies to improve an under-performing sales team. And paying those sales professionals properly is another.

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Exit Interview: Glenn Mahnken, Head of Marketing Operations

Posted by Kristin D. Sadler

Since the summer of 2017, when Glenn joined Atomic Revenue, his contributions to client relations and revenue operations have been invaluable. Thirty years of business experience and senior-level marketing on the other side of the desk gave him the ability to see the customers' perspective and bring Atomic Revenue’s mission to them through his gift of communication. 

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Data Surrounding Customer Advocacy

Does your head spin trying to keep up with the latest ways to acquire customers and keep them? Are you under constant pressure to act smarter and faster than your competition to increase revenue? You’re not alone. Our marketplace culture is one that requires anybody in business to stay one step ahead of the others, with a long road to recovery if you fall behind. Want the good news? 

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