Sales Operations Vs. RevenueOperations: What's the Difference?


Whenever something’s amiss, we tend to point the finger at sales. Think about it: Anytime revenue is down or we’re not growing at the rate we think we should be or we’re not getting the valuation we want before putting our business on the market, we look at the bottom line.

It must be because we’re simply not selling enough. Right?

Not necessarily.

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Self-care Comes to the Forefront for Steph Hermanson, CRO of Atomic Revenue

To say Steph Hermanson has rocketed through the past seven years is an understatement. When Atomic Revenue was founded in 2015, Steph became a consultant to develop and deliver digital marketing audits. Her role grew to include digital strategy and digital audits across the full revenue production spectrum, including digital impacts on marketing, sales, and customer operations.

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