How Atomic Revenue Launched My Career: From Unfocused to Thriving

how atomic revenue launched my career from unfocused college student to thriving business professional rianna hillWhen I was introduced to Founder and CEO, Tara Kinney,  and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Steph Hermanson, I was in the same place a lot of people find themselves today… working several different jobs and marketing side gigs while finishing up school, all with a pile of student loans, debts, and no real direction as to where I was going with my career.

In our first conversation, we talked about how Atomic Revenue provides data-driven solutions to help companies become more profitable, and focused on what I could contribute to their digital marketing services in relation to digital operations. I loved what I was hearing and knew I was in! I started working with Atomic Revenue that week. 

Here we are four years later, Atomic Revenue has grown and is thriving, and I too, have grown into a flourishing business professional.

Our journey together has been priceless, and though I have recently left to pursue a full-time position elsewhere, the Atomic Revenue team is like family to me and I know we will work together again. 

Why Work as an Atomic Revenue Contractor?

As founders who also had their own businesses, Tara and Steph know the value of the gig economy and developed a business that thrives on providing flexible, contractor work for subject matter experts (SMEs). It’s a perfect place for anyone wanting to grow in talent and scope, and for those who need a flexible schedule, which is exactly why it worked for me.

Atomic Revenue provided a perfect space to advance my digital marketing and social media skill sets under the direction of experienced individuals, as well as working directly with clients. This further improved my communication skills and professionalism, which I appreciated, as this is not always available with remote work.

As Atomic Revenue refined its brand, there were three core characteristics that described the team and soon became a part of our messaging; these strong traits still serve me today.

Atomic Revenue Core Values Wicked Smart Self-Directed Problem Solvers

1. Wicked Smart

Being a wicked-smart SME is being great at what I do, thinking outside the box to solve complex problems, and continually learning. Being a wicked-smart problem solver also means knowing when to leverage resources to benefit businesses and help them move toward profitability. The term wicked smart is not simply fluff  – to accomplish what the Atomic Revenue team does from all over the country is awe-inspiring. 

2. Self-directed

As self-directed entrepreneurs, the Atomic Revenue team is the opposite of micro-managed. They get up every day and do what needs doing without anyone hovering to make it happen, and meet and exceed expectations for internal team members and clients. As I spent more time with Atomic Revenue, I learned how to manage time and projects efficiently, and provide real results in a culture of trust and responsibility.

3. Problem Solvers

Of course, Atomic Revenue contractors, partners, and employees are problem solvers! It’s what they do – helping companies increase profitability by solving problems and overcoming challenges. In relation to being a digital operations specialist, finding solutions in digital ops involves a lot of moving parts with developing technologies in a fast-paced, changing world. 

Since new technology can disrupt the digital business environment, adaptability and problem solving are essential. My digital marketing and social media skills were continually challenged and sharpened to deliver the expertise I have today.

Work-Life Blend – Real Life Flexibility

Life happens and sometimes work-life balance is more of a blend. This couldn’t be truer for me over the last few years, and yet Atomic Revenue stayed with me through it all. I lost a full-time job, started and closed a business, got married, had a kid, left and came back, lived in six different states, and weathered a global pandemic. 

Atomic Revenue leadership gets it! The flexibility of being a contractor and the team’s understanding created a low-stress environment in which I could continue working through these transitions so I could plan my time and support my career and family.

Being “unabashedly pro-profit” doesn’t just pertain to helping clients, it applies to team members too. With the ability to choose my hours and workload, I could make the necessary shifts during these life transitions, keep my earnings up, and have the stability of a great organization behind me.

Atomic Revenue Differentiators

Honing My Craft – Development of Skill Sets

When I started with Atomic Revenue, I was in digital marketing services, but I also trained and worked in Revenue Operations Audits & Assessments, Tactical Revenue Operations, and Human Capital Solutions. In all areas, I was able to hone my skills, grow with the company and clients, and provide measurable results and KPI management in the areas of:

  • Blog Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Campaigns
  • CRM Management
  • Content Creation
  • LinkedIn Prospecting
  • Creation and Development of Optimized Social Media Platforms
  • Image and Video Design
AuVis logo

Most importantly, the KPI management with which I was involved helped to launch AuVis, a one-of-a-kind, automated data visualization service (a subsidiary of Atomic Revenue) that helps businesses have access to the data they need to make the right decisions.

A Career with Invaluable Mentorship & Achievement


My time with Atomic Revenue has been invaluable. I’ve learned how important it is to keep learning and stretching my skills; to be intentional in everything I do, and focus on providing incredible, measurable outcomes for myself, my new employer, and for clients. The Atomic Revenue team’s mentorship took me from uncertainty to confidence and allowed me to thrive.

Although I have transitioned away from Atomic Revenue, I owe a large part of my career success to them. They will always be family.

If you desire a flexible schedule, have the willingness to learn, and would love to be part of something bigger than yourself with a whole team behind you, learn more about joining Atomic Revenue today!

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