#2020 Social Media – Back to Basics?

social media today is back to basics

When initially discussing this post with my Atomic Revenue colleague Steph Nissen, I envisioned a flashy, trend-laden piece that would have readers licking their chops ready to launch into the new decade with the glitziest social media updates ever – #2020vision!

Well, since then, I’ve waxed nostalgic. For me, it’s back to basics. And rightfully so, as the data shows, social media audiences are fatiguing with flash and seeking an ‘energy’ of consistency and genuine connection. If they grow bored or see too much hubris, they’ll drop you like a hot rock. So, where do you take them with your content in 2020 and how will you know if it’s working?

Right Audience, Right Time, Right Message

In the context of the social media posts that I’ve noticed thus far, the polarity of “The Roaring 20’s” is a contradiction of too much social media noise versus well-tailored communication. It’s purely confusing. So, ditch the new-decade "party" where too many snippets and hashtag-only messages with zero-depth simply become noise, and instead stay mindful of the more timeless elements of staying in touch. 

how to use social media is to connect sincerely with the right

Posts that resonate with the audience can convert potentials into customers and occasional followers into raving fans who tell others, who then tell others, and so on … this is advocacy. Advocacy is the ultimate goal whether you’re selling something or trying to create a brand. Not sure how to do this? Get back to the basics.

3-Steps to a Social Media Strategy

1. Revisit your technographics

This is the profile of your target audience based on the technology they use (like demographics and psychographics). Also, pay attention to true analytics (KPIs) rather than vanity metrics to better understand who’s participating across your social networks. Are they B2B or B2C customers? Potential clients? Friends, family, or business connections? Who are your audience and community and how can you better connect with them?

2. Review your social strategy

Use the classic acronym “P.O.S.T” (People, Objectives, Strategy, and Technology). This allows you to hone and more clearly understand the aforementioned participants, your own objectives on how to reach them, your strategy for doing so, and where to best connect.

3. Take a more reflective approach

Think of why you’re doing all of this in the first place. Can you recall your initial moments on Facebook? What did you post? Why did you post it? Did it get the result you were looking for? Did you decide, “This isn’t for me,” without considering other approaches and resources? Forgetting your why can be risky in times of rapid growth and change. Sure, clearing the windshield and charging ahead is a legit way to go. However, a peek in the review mirror to make sure everything is okay when you feel a bump in the road can help you get back to your original intent before proceeding. Using social media to increase revenue is possible, and it’s not difficult, you just have to reflect on your why, find the social media sweet spot, and be 100% dedicated to your plan.

If you forge ahead without a strategy and a clear desired result, empty vanity metrics will be all you have, without a return on your time, engagement, or monetary investment.

Go for It! Great Social Media Content #2020

So, look forward to your fresh 2020 social media vision with excitement, without abandoning the concepts and proof of what has worked to get you where you are now. And remember, whether you are a business or a brand, it is especially meaningful to have honest conversations around great content. When done well, your customer base will grow into advocates while revenue grows. 

nurture your customers and clients on social media

If you’re not sure how to create and implement a social media marketing strategy that works, feel free to reach out to the digital advisors at Atomic Revenue for help.


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