Customer Success Happens on Social Media

Improve Customer Success with Social Media

If “customer satisfaction” is the main goal you strive for in your business, then you are severely missing the mark. Unhappy customers almost always, without a doubt, complain and tell others about poor experiences with your company, while satisfied customers are generally just that – content and happy with your product or service but usually very quiet about it!

What is Customer Success?

Customer success is a business perspective that puts customer needs, challenges, and opportunities at the forefront. Clients achieve higher levels of success in business, while understanding and experiencing your value. This methodology leads to happier customers, higher retention rates, and more referrals. Customer success takes client satisfaction to the next level. 

Customer success and client satisfaction are similar, but have different meanings. The outcome of client satisfaction is no complaints, but also no leads, no advocacy, nothing. When you set Customer Success as your goal instead of customer satisfaction, customers now directly feed into your marketing and sales efforts.

Social media is where customer success happens.

Too often we hear "social media marketing" and it immediately qualifies social media as a strictly marketing function. But it's not!

Social media is marketing.

Social media is sales.

Social media is your direct line to your customers.


Social Media is a direct line to your customers

Benefits of a Social Media Customer Advocacy Management Strategy

  1. Reduce Churn
  2. Drive Repeat Business
  3. Generate Leads
  4. Create Raving Fans


1. Reduces churn

Clients are less likely to cut ties with your company.

2. Drives repeat business

Clients want to continue to buy from you.

3. Generates leads

Unlike customer satisfaction, customer success actually generates leads.

4. Creates raving fans

When implemented correctly, customer success inspires existing clients to become huge fans of your brand

customer success is one of best ways to generate leads

How to Improve Customer Success with Social Media?

  1. Connect with Your Clients Social Accounts
  2. Talk About Them
  3. Celebrate Your Clients
  4. Talk TO Them
  5. Recommend Them
  6. Educate


1. Connecting with your clients' social accounts:

Follow your clients on Twitter, connect with them on LinkedIn, like their pages on Facebook. Share their content when it’s relevant and become a supporter of their brand across social - your client is bound to notice and often return the favor.  

2. Talking about them:

Share case studies about them, share their wins direct from their pages, and tag them in the content you think they'll like.

3. Celebrating them:

Everyone likes to hear Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anything! When it’s a big day for your client make sure to participate in the celebration with them by commenting, creating a special post, anything you can do to let them know you care.

4. Talking TO them not at them:

Instead of trying to pitch more products/services to them or dominating the conversation with why your business is great, instead reply to their tweets, comment on their posts, watch their videos, join them on their live stream. Showing up for your clients goes way further than talking at them.  

5. Recommend them:

Recommend their services to your communities, write reviews about them on Facebook, Yelp, Google and on their company website.   

6. Educate:

Continue to share information you know not only prospects will enjoy, but your current clients will enjoy too. Don’t continue to push out the same content about your products/services, come up with creative ways to show how your product/service can be used more efficiently or in different ways. What do they need to get the most out of your services or products?

Create Customer Success with Atomic Revenue

At Atomic Revenue, we believe in creating customer advocacy through designed Customer Success initiatives including social media.  Customers need to be delighted in all facets of your business in order for them to literally make sales calls on your behalf. 

From a B2B perspective, customer success means you actively participate as a trusted partner in your customer’s business success. By utilizing this concept, we help you develop a powerful commercialization strategy.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Customer Success initiatives, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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