How to Increase Operational Efficiency & Measurable ROI with EOS

how to improve operational efficiency and measurable roi

Revenue Operations, as defined by Atomic Revenue, is about optimizing the entire process of how revenue flows through your company, combining strategy and tactics for lead generation, sales conversion, and customer advocacy. In order to implement rev ops, you must understand how to improve operational efficiency.

How to Improve Operational Efficiency

The underlying principles of revenue operations and your people, process, and data should all work in harmony to facilitate efficient end-to-end revenue production™ 

and measurable ROI. But what business operating system exists to unify and empower your people and ensure your process and data consistently align to get everything possible from your business? The Entrepreneurial Operating System® – EOS.

reach your full potential with eos

The EOS® Model has Six Key Components of running an effective business – Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction®. EOS helps business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders get everything they want from their business. What are your company’s objectives?

  • Grow sales revenue and profitability
  • Expense reduction
  • Greater efficiency
  • Better cash flow
  • Increase value of business

EOS® Components Align with Revenue Operations and Increase Efficiency 

Harness People Energy – Define Roles & Create Accountability

To accomplish goals, you must first create a functional Accountability Chart and define leadership roles. This is a critical place to start, before you try to hire and/or rearrange people and their roles. Without defining the “seats” and knowing which people should be in those seats, it’s counterproductive to assign roles and responsibilities. The EOS Accountability Chart is an organized structure that provides clarity of roles for all revenue operations leaders and gets the right people in the right seats. If you're wondering how to improve operational efficiency, this is the first step. 

Leverage EOS to Improve Operational Efficiency

Once you have the accountability structure, this creates a crystal-clear view of the company’s needs and leads to accountability through documented and measurable aligned actions.

"EOS challenges a management team, and each individual member of that team, to truly become their best by honestly and openly sharing observations and experiences." Glenn Mahnken, Former Head of Operations, Atomic Revenue

Define Your Process

Discover Your “Secret Sauce” of Doing Business

As a Certified EOS Implementer, I get asked all the time what’s the difference between process and procedure? A procedure is a set of guidelines for each position or area of the company that documents how you do your job (function/role). Sometimes procedures can be steps in a process done by one seat on the team. For example, safety procedures are strict, by-the-book steps to ensure your company is safety compliant. Creating a process of how your lead Safety Engineer can improve procedure with distinct elements and actions, such as prevention methods that are unique to your company, is the process by which the job gets done.

Therefore, process is what it takes to work across departments to achieve goals together. What processes gets you there? This is what makes your company unique in a sea of other similar companies. EOS helps you create documentation of the Core Processes and key steps to achieve outcomes (the 20% that gets 80% of the results) that can be followed by all (FBA) to create your consistent and unique way of doing business – this is your Secret Sauce

how to achieve operational efficiency

Monitor Data for Decision Making

Know What it Takes to Win & See the Proof of Your Efforts

Following the EOS Model, there is a Scorecard based on data, which is organized by behaviors, actions, and leading indicators that set goals for accomplishments and outcomes, week-by-week. This scorecard takes the data and allows for evidence-based decision making. No guesswork or emotions involved. Data keeps your leaders on track, navigating with better decisions, and gaining Traction® for consistent progress.

Cross-functional integration and unified people energy along with process and data creates outcomes based on your “secret sauce” way of doing business. All are imperative for aligned revenue operations and goal achievement.

Gain Traction® on Your Vision with a Healthy, Aligned Team

Strengthen Revenue Operations & Achieve Full Potential 

If you are ready to get a crystal-clear vision of what your company needs to do to maximize revenue operations and actually watch your team meet short-term and long-term goals in real-time, there’s no time to waste. EOS companies reach their desired objectives much faster than those who stick with the status quo and hope for the best. Get ready to:


Get the leaders of your business on the same page 100% with the vision for your organization: who you are, what you do, where you are going, and how to get there. The Vision/Traction Organizer™ puts your goals on paper and allows total clarity in direction. Share your vision with everyone in the company and create a cohesiveness among all.


Become more disciplined and accountable, gain Traction and execute consistently to achieve every piece of your vision with weekly data-driven meetings and quarterly and annual meeting pulses.  


Your leaders will become a healthy, functional, unified leadership team with the right people in the right seats and benefit from measurable scorecard data to guide functionality and goal-attainment for years to come.

Take the new year by storm and reap the benefits of EOS in your revenue operations! We can teach you how to improve operational efficiency and help implement the strategies discussed above in your business. Schedule a Business Alchemist meeting to see how your business could benefit from EOS and why a Certified EOS Implementer will foster even faster results with the objectivity and training needed to catapult your company to new heights.

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